Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Golden Dogs

It's a busy weekend and things will stay that way for the next few weeks as I have a guest in town; so changing music will not always happen at midnight as is usually the case. I had little time but ended up scoring a great song from yet another Canadian band. Yep, this is day three up north and for very good reason. This was actually the first song I listened to when visiting Sixeyes music blog this morning. Not a bad way to start the day ah?

The Golden Dogs are an indie rock quintet from Toronto, Ontario Canada. This song is from the upcoming release Big Eye Little Eye which will be available from the band's label True North Records in August of 2006. If you go to the Golden Dogs website and don't get too frustrated with the wheel of choices, click on the media section for a video of the song Yeah and some more music. They also have a MySpace page for ya. This has to be a personal record for quickest group music find... 5 minutes maybe?? Happy Saturday!

MP3: Runouttaluck

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