Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tilly & the Wall

Initially, I had a difficult time figuring out whether or not to feature this one. From everything I read in the numerous reviews and blogs, you will either love or dislike that I posted Tilly & The Wall. I'm not sure why this band attracts such strong opinion in either direction but that's probably a good thing seeing as it lands them exposure on just about every internet music resource out there. After reading a Pitchfork article that was loaded with backhanded half-compliments I decided to check them out for myself. This track sounds great to me so it gets the green light here.

Tilly & The Wall are a 5+ piece from Omaha, Nebraska and are best known for having Jaime Williams tap dancing instead of a drum kit. The song today actually does have drums added so it might not be a complete representation of the stripped down sound you might hear from them live. They utilize several recently popular "uncommon" instruments such as glockenspiel, various bells and maracas. If you are a fan of Architecture in Helsinki you will probably really like the rest of this band's music. I think some critics see them as a novelty because the tap dancing: but after five years, several singles, an EP and two full length releases it might be safe to rule that out. The latest release Bottoms of Barrels came out just under a month ago and is available from the Team Love label.

If you go to the Tilly & The Wall website and can figure out how it works and/or what you are supposed to do there you are one up on me. Instead, I suggest visiting their MySpace page to hear more. They seem like a really fun band that would be a great time to see live. Happy Saturday.

MP3: Black and Blue

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