Monday, June 05, 2006


Ok... when do I get to move to Sweden? Most of you that have been here for a while realize my penchant for featuring music from that country. This is yet another great up and coming band that has my sweetness levels peaked. The name of the song is Slappen en Solen which, when using umlauts, means "let the sun in". From what was available in English to read I found out that the band name actually means "nothing" in Swedish. That made it particularly difficult to find pictures beyond the band's MySpace page. I did, however, end up finding a couple on Google after sorting through an endless assortment of topless women pics. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Labrador Records is one of my favorite labels. They have a roster of bands from Sweden but this is the first Swedish language band they've ever signed. They have a new EP available as of last month, called Sommardagboken which is available at Labrador. [Ingenting] is from Stockholm and is playing tomorrow afternoon at the Oneness Festival there around 4:50 pm. Check the [Ingenting] website for a great video of this song (no that's not the band) and more info. Let's end this with what you want: the MySpace page where you can hear more of their music. Nice way to start the week ah?!!

MP3: Släpp In Solen

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