Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Cadets

Have I featured a Florida band on here yet? I'm not sure that I have. The Cadets are from Jacksonville, Florida. They started playing together in the mid 90s and came out with a couple of singles. In the band bio they compare singer Chuck Smyth's vocals to a cat being throttled. I was thinking more along the lines of Jay Farrar from Son Volt.

Here is an amusing excerpt from the band's bio regarding their early days: "In college, the band grew into its current and permanent line-up of 001, 003, 007 (Isaac Bear), and 009 (Chad Matheny), and attempted several furtive tour marches across the East Coast in an abused 1980 Chevrolet van previously owned by a local country radio station, the exterior of which was adorned by a six foot tall airbrushed painting of the station mascot, a slender denim-clad rooster in a cowboy hat and sunglasses. Tiring of typical men-in-van tours, the band arranged a two week whirlwind raid of Japan, carrying instruments and merch on their backs and arriving at concerts via shinkansen and subways in venues across metro Tokyo, the Kansai, and southern Honshu."

In 2002 The Cadets released Finding the Straight and Level which is still available on Snowglobe Records. After that the band broke up. At the end of 2005 they reformed and are now part of the Discos! Mariscos! label. They have a forthcoming release, On the Death of Science as a Major World Religion which will be available some time in 2006. The featured song is from the new release. Check out The Cadets on MySpace also.

MP3: Pax Cadetia


Cash said...

Thanks for the shout, I just found this. we have some new songs up on our myspace and have been recording more for "On The Death Of Science."

Cash said...

oh yeah and we just re-released our 2nd album "Conditions on Alpha Atoll" on discos mariscos

again thanks, and feel free to post as many songs for free downlaod as you like, I would e-mail you personally, but i guess this is quicker. word up.