Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Sky Drops

I had no idea what I was going to feature to follow up this past weekend, but after the first few seconds of this song it became an easy choice . When a band actually throws me back out of my chair I consider it beyond shoegaze. The comparison here is instant and obvious so I will not even mention it. Well... I probably will have to at some point. Just not this second.

The Sky Drops are a two piece from Wilmington, Delaware. If you haven't guessed by now they sound almost exactly like My Bloody Valentine. In a very good way that is. They've only been around since last year and are not currently signed to a record label!! (I can't see that going on for much longer). They have two songs available for download on the Sky Drops Website and their show schedule is mostly reserved for the northeastern states. They will be touring the UK in September. If Rob and Monika were looking to re-create the sound of the early 90s they not only hit the mark; they set a new standard for this particular genre. Check their MySpace page for updates, shows etc. This is great stuff.

Note to band: you might want to consider ordering some X-large t-shirts to sell on your website. Large looks like medium after the first wash. Let me know when you get them in.

Yours truly, ~ Mr. Monkeyarms

MP3: Now Would Be

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