Monday, May 01, 2006


Ok... this is an insanely good way to start off the week. I first heard this while adding people to the MySpace group who had similar taste and I thought might like the band Voicst who were featured on there at the time. In the short time between hitting the Sykosonics MySpace page and getting to the invite-sending part, I stumbled across some really good music. I thought I was just on someone's page that had a 50 Foot Wave song playing but ended up looking twice. I then went to the Sykosonics website and found plenty more music to download. Folks... thats how it happens here.

The song I ended up featuring is from the band's 2004 release Ultralite. This song (of the same name) was almost picked randomly for the feature spot. Sykosonics are from Amsterdam, NL and I swear they have to be influenced by Magnapop and/or Kristin Hersh. I also hear The Duke Spirit in there but wouldn't know which band came first. They are on the THAT DAM! record label.

In the small portion of bio that can be read in english, they explain the sound as similar to The Breeders. You see?... another Ohio band connection. Gotta love it. There really is no sub-par song I can find from this band... Very solid indie rock. I'll feature new Magnapop if Michelle buys this one for me?? xoxo

MP3: Ultralite

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