Monday, May 22, 2006

Kite Flying Society

If you've looked at any music blog during the past three weeks or so you will have already heard about this one. I usually try to stay away from bands when I see EVERY blogger posting on them. I call this phenomenon the John Vanderslice Effect (I'm joking...really). Anyway, this one was all over the place and, now that I listen, for good reason. Kite Flying Society is a 7-piece band from San Diego, California that pretty much just play locally in Southern California. They do not have a website or a record label. This might seem pretty amazing once you are done listening to the song featured here today. From what I gathered they were formed just last year and have a debut release entitled Where is the Glow? coming out on July 28th. How or where to buy it remains a mystery so you will have to keep checking the Kite Flying Society MySpace page for details and updates. This is a beautiful song. High recommendations from Caseyland, and glad I finally checked it out.

MP3: If I Could Split

***UPDATE 20/05/2006: It seems that Kite Flying Society DO now have a website... check it out.***

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