Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mission of Burma

This is a difficult one for me to write up. Mission of Burma was on absolutely every mix tape I ever made for anyone during the 80s. They are up there among bands I would consider massively influential to current and more recent artists. I'll just come out and say it. If you ask most people to name a song by this band you will likely get one of two answers. I had a hard time deciding which one of those songs to feature on "Classic Sunday" here. I figured it would be best to start at the beginning so Academy Fight Song it is!! This song was the first single for Mission of Burma. It was released on Ace of Hearts Records in 1980 and was also a track on the 1981 EP Signals, Calls and Marches. Mission of Burma was only around for four years and had a major impact. You won't find many arguments about that.

Instead of regurgitating the details of a band of this magnitude, I will simply encourage you to visit the Mission of Burma website to read the official history. They reformed in 2002 and have a brand new release, Obliterati, coming out May 23rd. They are on Matador Records now and currently playing shows out west. A limited tour starts in July and I'll get to see them in Cincinnati at the Lite Brite Test Festival on 7/29. I can't wait!! Also check the MoB myspace page.

MP3s: Academy Fight Song and 2wice

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