Tuesday, December 26, 2006

MML: The 2006 Relapse

Not just one artist today, but ten of them... and they just so happen to be responsible for some of the best releases of the past year. You only need to click and enjoy each song. The entire purpose for this blog and the the MySpace group is to highlight music we love and that deserves to be heard. During the past year we've featured almost 300 musical acts from 27 different countries. All of these artists are worthy of the list presented today. It would have been nearly impossible to choose one over another, and in many cases, that made our decisions very difficult. We are posting these musicians again as a highlight of the year 2006. In order to present a "best of" list that fit well as a single voice or feeling from the past year, it was necessary to start from a simple demo to a top few that were overwhelming and epic in nature. It makes no difference whether it was a single, EP or LP...It just needed to have been released or made available in some form during 2006. For the full effect, please start at number 10 and listen forward without skipping around to get an idea of what the hell we were thinking. Enjoy the music and expect us back at the beginning of 2007 to kick things off once again. xoxo

10. Wild Honey - (Demo 2006)

Location: Athens, Greece

Featured song (MP3 format): 1000 Spaceships

Original review & date: MML - June, 26, 2006

Artist Website: Wild Honey Myspace

9. The Twilight Sad - The Twilight Sad EP

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Featured Song (MP3 format): ...and she would darken the memory of youth

Original review & date: MML - November 20, 2006

Artist Website: The Twilight Sad Myspace

8. Dana Falconberry - Paper Sailboat

Location: Austin, Texas

Featured Song (MP3 format): Sadie

Original review & date: MML - September 28, 2006

Artist Website: Dana Falconberry Website

7. The Fine Arts Showcase - Radiola

Location: London, UK / Malmö, Sweden

Featured Song (MP3 format): Chemical Girl

Original review & date: MML - July 26, 2006

Artist Website: The Fine Arts Showcase Website

6. Arizona - Welcome Back Dear Children

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Featured Song (MP3 format): Splintering

Original review & date: MML - June 20, 2006 Secondary review & date: MML (Exclusive) December 4, 2006

Artist Website: Arizona Website

5. Ohbijou - Swift Feet For Troubling Times

Location: Brantford, Ontario Canada

Featured Song (MP3 format): St. Francis

Original reveiw & date: MML - November 21, 2006

Artist Website: Ohbijou Website

4. New Radiant Storm King - The Steady Hand

Location: Northampton, New York

Featured Song (MP3 format): Down The Winding Staircase

Original reveiw & date: MML - January 25, 2006 (lost review/unavailable)

Artist Website: Furnace Rock

3. Trentemøller - The Last Resort

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Featured Song (MP3 format): Take Me Into Your Skin

Original reveiw & date: MML - October 21, 2006

Artist Website: Trentemøller Myspace

2. Asobi Seksu - Citrus

Location: New York City, New York

Featured Song (MP3 format): Red Sea

Original reveiw & date: MML - May 4, 2006

Artist Website: Asobi Seksu Website

1. My Brightest Diamond - Bring Me The Workhorse

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Featured Song (MP3 format): Something Of An End

Original reveiw & date: MML- July 24, 2006

Artist Website: My Brightest Diamond Website

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