Monday, December 04, 2006


Milk Milk Lemonade Exclusive (Part One)

We started the MySpace group just over a year ago and soon the MML blog followed in an effort to store the music we featured and chronicle our previous witterings regarding various artists. The most rewarding part of this entire undertaking/project is when the artists themselves contact us. Since we only consider recorded material we are deeply impressed with, both the reviews and reactions are almost always very positive. June 20th of this year was the date we originally posted a song and brief writeup of this wonderful band from Brooklyn, New York. In that review, I made a joke regarding another song playing on the band's myspace player. I was instantly taken with that track but it was not available for download at the time. Since then, the band has been working on new material and re-mixing previously unreleased music including the song you are listening to. Now that I hear the new version of this song, there's not a single hint of my joking remark "crying to my bimbo" (yes, I still need help.) I have to say that both of us here at Milk Milk Lemonade are very flattered and excited to have a rare opportunity in being the first to feature new (and completely unheard) music from the NYC band plenty of you know as Arizona. Stay tuned for another brand new song not yet heard or featured anywhere else. This is a two day event with quite a finale!!

Before I get into the band info, there is an important event for the numerous NYC and surrounding area residents who visit our little blog. Arizona will be kicking off their very own Independent Music Concert Series/Jam session this Wednesday, December 6th at a really cool Polish place called Club Europa in Brooklyn, NYC. Admission is free and kids under 12 also get free balloons and cake (no kids allowed). There will be several bands performing until all hours of the morning so you might need to use one of your sick days from work on Thursday. Let's get to the links, band information and other important stuff... shall we? Arizona is not really from Arizona, in fact, none of the members have ever been there. They are, however, an incredible psychedelic indie rock quintet from Brooklyn, New York consisting of the following members:

Ben Wigler- Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Erhu
Nick Campbell- Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Skin and Native American Flutes
Alex Hornbake- Upright bass, Electric Bass, Drums, Vocals
Andrew Dunn- Vocals, Guitar, Wurlitzer and Melotron, Trombone, B3 Organ
James DeDakis- Drums, Vocals, Hammered Dulcimer, Saxaphone

Arizona's most recent full length 2006 release Welcome Back Dear Children was almost entirely self recorded and eventually ended up in the ears of some highly respected music folks. Danny Kadar (who engineered and mixed My Morning Jacket's "it still moves") took up mixing duties while Fred Kevorkian (ryan adams, walkmen, etc.) had a hand in mastering some of the songs. This release, in current form, is available (including artwork) through Insound. With good reason, there will be a partnered, newly revamped release of this album so look out for it in 2007. Shortly after, a new EP (working title: Japanese BeeSides) will be released. Today's featured track belongs to this newly announced unreleased 7 song EP which was recorded in bassist Alex Hornbake's home studio. Please visit the nicely done Arizona Website to get basic information. While you are there, check out some of the artwork by Deems, the band's artist. There is also a Deems MySpace Page for those who enjoy his work. The Arizona MySpace Page has great music (Splintering is the song I featured in June) and 2 live tracks for download. I also found a YouTube video of what seems to be an impromptu version of Through The Soot from the WBDC album...

Make sure you stop back tomorrow for the second part of our exclusive feature. The voice of guitarist Nick Campbell on tomorrow's song is absolutely amazing and leaves me wondering if he is involved in some sort of professional vocal fitness training. In our June review, I gave this band the highest MML recommendation and the same easily holds true today.

MP3: Thimble


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