Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Secret Mommy

Almost a year ago, I stumbled upon a project where some select experimental artists were given the task of creating a song within 24 hours for a compilation project...30 songs in 30 days. Peppermill Records was responsible for this project and it was one of the first times I sat and listened to experimental electronica without a hint of disgust in my throat. I featured Secret Mommy in late January of this year when there were around 200 members on the MySpace group. The Listening Room was created to test some limits and this was (and is) the perfect artist to do so. As I asked, almost a year ago with the first song featured, give this new one a chance to build from its scattered beginnings into a full blown experience. You might thank me. Our first Secret Mommy review was never recorded so I will include the song we featured (Dance Studio) as bonus at some point today. I received more messages (everything from "insane good!!" to "WTF??") as a result of that post than any other to date so I really would like to hear your input this time...on both songs.

Secret Mommy
is the experimental laptop + music of Andy Dixon from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The first song we featured, earlier this year, was part of his 2005 release Very Rec in which some of the sounds were recorded on site at various recreational public activity venues including a swimming pool and tennis court. Andy has since recorded The Wisdom EP in which he recorded sounds from the dentist chair. Today's featured song is from the upcoming February 2007 release Plays and the recording process is explained in this brief snippet from Andy's very own Ache Records Website...

"The one stipulation of the recording process was that no instrument was allowed to be electrified. No electricity would be used at all (except of course, to operate the recording gear). The idea was to create the most anti-electronic electronic album, free of any synthetic sounds (no electric guitar, let alone synths or drum machines), opting for an earthiness and soulful charm."

Besides Secret Mommy and Ache Records, Andy is also a graphic designer and front man for the band Winning which can only described as Shudder To Think on no less than 10 hits of blotter acid...not that I would know or anything. Of course I'm joking (kind of) so check out the downloadable song Legendary Savings on their page. The Secret Mommy MySpace Page has a few more great songs to stream and all necessary links. There are even more tracks to download from the Secret Mommy Website as well. Finally, I found YouTube videos of both today's featured song Kool Aid River and the title track Plays also from the new release:

Kool Aid River:


I am always amazed by Andy Dixon's music.

MP3: Kool Aid River
Bonus MP3: Dance Studio

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