Thursday, December 21, 2006


Since the end of the year is approaching and everyone has the same 10-15 bands listed as Best of 2006, I am saddened. There were so many interesting artists that released music over the past year and it kills me not to have the time to go back through and create my own list. I might still do it but can't even think about it since everything I own has to be moved to another city in a week. Moving house and office at the same time is no fun at all. This really has nothing to do with today's featured music but kind of gives you an unfortunate State Of The Blog update. In order to cheer myself up, I re-found a great band I neglected to feature earlier in the year. I saw a few recent posts about them and it sparked my limited memory. For some strange reason, the mp3 I originally downloaded ended up in my "can't feature" desktop folder along with a few unintentional mainstream downloads I'm too embarrassed to admit. To be honest, this band probably could complete the pop music trilogy of early 90s Curve and mid to late 90s breakthrough Garbage. The sound has not-so-subtle hints of both, but is wonderfully of it's own. Some of the other tracks from today's featured artist are much different and lean decidedly towards low key electronica.

is not a new band at all. Founding members and now married couple Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom met in 1992 in Santa Cruz, California and eventually began making music. A few years later, they moved up the coast to San Francisco and in 1998 released their first CD We Only Love You. In 2001 they were joined both musically and in engineering duties by Count for the second full length release Wiser. Today's featured track belongs to Halou's third full length, 14 song CD Wholeness & Separation which was released in May of 2006. It is available on the Halou website for $15 USD. Halou also has a brand new 5 track EP titled Albatross that is available through itunes. To hear more music check out the Halou MySpace page and also Rebecca and Ryan's other project RR Coseboom. Finally, the band has a good weblog to read and also a YouTube video of the song Tubfed performed live about a month ago. Very nice!

MP3: Stonefruit

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