Saturday, December 16, 2006


For the remainder of the weekend, I will be busy trying to make headway in packing for my move to Cincinnati. For that reason, I needed to find a song that was good enough to carry through to the end of the weekend. Oh... did I find nice one. Inlets is the musical project of Sebastian Krueger. He is originally from Madison, Wisconsin and has since become a resident of Brooklyn, New York. You might be familiar with Sebastian if you are a fan of My Brightest Diamond, who we featured a few months ago. He is the guitarist/multi-instrumentalist that supports and completes the sound behind the beautiful voice of Shara Worden. Today's featured song is from the Inlets debut EP Vestibule which was made available completely free for download through Luv Sound three weeks ago. Just as information, what you are listening to is the most upbeat song on the EP. Most of the other tracks are, however, equally gorgeous and well suited for a quiet Sunday afternoon at home. Sometimes the slightest little thing enchants me while listening to certain music and, in the case of Pictures Of Trees, there is a soft drizzling backdrop that opens up the song while accenting the strings perfectly. If in the mood for this subdued sound, you really have to listen to the balance of these wonderful songs. If not, you should probably pay a visit to these guys (yes I linked motorhead. no one will notice.)

Additional musicians involved with Inlets are Sam Bair (drums), Nate Lithgow (bass), Marla Hansen (viola) and Brett Sroka (trombone). The band will be performing at The Cake Shop in NYC this Monday December 18th for the Return of Ladystein show ($6 / door @ 7pm). For more information on the band and other projects of Sebastian Krueger, visit the Inlets webste. As mentioned above, you can download the entire newly released Vestibule EP on Luv Sound for free. There is also an Inlets MySpace page to check out and add on to. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

MP3: Pictures Of Trees


Roland said...

Hey, thanks so much for the add. Inlets actually just did a guest posting over at Music Is Art that you might find interesting as well. Thanks for the mp3.

Anonymous said...

so lovely