Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Eux Autres

There are plenty of two piece bands out there and we have featured quite a few of them during the past year. In most cases, they are friends, a couple, or just so happen to be both. Today's featured artist duo will give a new spin on things since they are brother and sister. I have quite a few friends that have the sibling connection when it comes to musical taste so this is no surprise at all. The only thing that is surprising is that it doesn't work out this way more often. The one other band we've found and featured who were brother and sister were actually called Brother Sister. The song you are listening to today is a great example of how much fun can be had when influences are used to create an international, (sometimes retro) open ended project. From what I read, there seems to be quite a cult following for this band and it isn't difficult to hear the reason.

Eux Autres is the sibling duo of Heather (drums, vocals) and Nicholas (guitar, vocals) Larimer. They are originally from Omaha, Nebraska but now call Portland, Oregon home. Their first single came out in 2003 and the following year saw the debut full length CD Hell is Eux Autreas which can be found on CD Baby for less than $10 USD. Today's song is from that album and was recently re-released earlier this year. Also new for the end of 2006 is the band's holiday album Another Christmas At Home. If you visit the Eux Autres website the featured track is available for download. There is more information on both the band's label Grenadine Records as well as a few more songs to hear on the Eux Autres MySpace page. Finally, there is a short animation clip by Scott Bateman that is done to the song we have posted here. Check it out.

MP3: Ecoutez Bien
Bonus MP3: Christmas At Home

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Roland said...

Hey, you're doing a great job here. Thanks for showing off so many fresh new bands! Keep up the good work.