Thursday, December 14, 2006


Oh it just keeps happening. I want to get all of my junk packed for the big move to Cincinnati, Ohio on December 29th, so I began wrapping my dishes in newspaper after work. After a few trips between the kitchen and computer listening to various songs from this band, it was almost impossible to choose which track to feature. All songs are an equal joy so I had to come up with some sort of determining factor. Since plates are more important than bowls (by my estimation) I chose what was playing during my tedious plate wrapping session. It made sense to me anyway. Once I decided on what you are listening to now, It was all too clear that the moving chores would have to wait another day. The first sound-related item that deserves comment here is the voice of drummer Kayla Bell (aka Holly P). While anchoring the band on percussion, Kayla gives off an amazing late 80's vocal tone that is just an octave away from reminding me of Judy Grunwald. Her voice works perfectly with the surrounding guitar jangle and bass hum, and had me wondering what old gems they must have in their own record collection. The song I chose to feature has a steady finished sound while some of the other tracks will give you an unexpected, yet welcome, twist at each turn. The reviews I read on this band were overwhelmingly positive and for very good reason. They deserve the attention for sure, but only after the bass player loses those cheese-tastic sunglasses that are in most every band picture. (oh god I hope he isn't blind)

are an indie rock trio from Oxford, UK consisting of members Kayla Bell (vocals, drums, keyboard, guitar), Adam Bell (guitar, vocals, keyboard) and Daniel Pacrami (bass, keyboard, vocals, guitar). Believe it or not, this band is unsigned but has a new self released EP titled 46a Appleside Drive which is available only by email contact with the band. To find out more about the EP and the upcoming 2007 UK tour itinerary you will need to visit the Foxes! MySpace page. All of the music there is outstanding also. The last live show for 2006 will be a headline gig/Christmas party held tomorrow night with doors opening 7pm at the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford (£5). Opening local band will be Baby Gravy. The Foxes! website seems to be a work in progress so you might have to check back for updated info there. Ok ok... I'll say it. This is Highly Recommended!!

MP3: 6 O'Clock

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I love this band... nice one, you! ;)