Tuesday, December 05, 2006

... and more Arizona!

Milk Milk Lemonade Exclusive (Part Two)


This is day two of our exclusive access to unreleased new music from the band Arizona. Yesterday's feature was a newly mixed version of a song plenty of Arizona fans are familiar with from an earlier stream on the band's MySpace page. Today is the big day as we get to present a track from the upcoming EP previously unavailable anywhere else. As a major added bonus (Thank you Ben!!) we are able to post a third song titled Imagining You from that same upcoming EP. You'll need to come by here a bit later today for the bonus song. Many thanks to Ben and some very cool Brooklyn folks for allowing us to do this. Oh I almost forgot, I can finally say (are you ready..?) You heard it here first!!

MP3: Bird On The Floor
Bonus MP3: Imagining You


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, can't wait for the show tomorrow. Look for a feature/interview at Ü soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah the new EP is awesome! It is quite different from WBDC but amazing none the less. Personal favorite has not been released yet publicly so I'll keep it a secret. The greatest thing I have found with all of the AZ albums though is thier great sense of flow. Another great Arizona masterpiece.


RP said...

If Ben weren't so arrogant and elitist, the music would be much more digestible.

Anonymous said...

rp, I found Ben to be gracious, inviting, and a generally nice guy when I met him. What caused such a bad experience. Great new music guys, keep it up!

4casey4 said...

I've been going back and forth with Ben via email for the past few days and have to say he is a really nice guy... but then again, I'm obscenely arrogant myself and probably wouldn't be the best judge of such things... j/k!

Thanks to all for checking out the music and our blog. I think anyone who is familiar with this band knows they could have given the opportunity to feature this new music to a much bigger fish in "blog pond". That, in itself speaks well enough for the character and gracious nature of this band.


Anonymous said...

Hey folks... this is Ben, I really don't understand "RP"'s comment. There's no question that I am a demanding person when it comes to music, I think that I can tell when an artist has only put half of his/her ass into something, and I like full-assed music. I'm also very confident in what I do, because well, Arizona is my life and it's going well, and I think that is something to be confident about.

But elitist? I'm not that. Arrogant? Anyone who has met me in person knows that I am just passionate. I can't help but be effusive in everything I do.

I will say, RP, that if your perception of me colors your enjoyment of AZ's music, I'm deeply sorry for whatever I did to cause that, because AZ's music is made from a very peaceful, humble place and is meant to be enjoyed as peaceful, majestic music and not as a vehicle for any of the virtues you believe I have. Please feel free to write me an eMail at benwigler@gmail.com and we can hash this out.