Friday, December 08, 2006


For quite a few months, we featured our weekly Indie Rock Friday here on MML and on the MySpace group For reasons that amount to nothing more than a lack of searching in that particular direction, we simply slacked off in presenting you with a noisy weekend starter. In an attempt to bring this day back on all fours (panting), we found music that will also complete my weekly quota in featuring yet another great band from Sweden. This song, at maximum volume, is an obvious window rattle with all of the distortion, feedback and reverb one could hope for. It's actually kind of nice to hear noisy guitars that don't fall in line with any of the ridiculous shape descriptions music bloggers tend to use. At a more reasonable decibel, this track also brings to mind Jesus & Mary Chain and could easily be the reason that last reluctant Bettie Page look-a-like shakes her scenster hips at any given indie club.

Ikons are a young indie rock quartet from Gothenberg, Sweden who formed in 2005. Current band members are listed by first name only on the Ikons Myspace Page and they are: Jonas. Tobbe, Jonathan and Martin. They live in both Gothenberg and Stockholm and that's about as much information there is to read in English. There are 3 new tracks (including today's feature) and 2 songs from a previous EP available for free download in mp3 format on the Ikons Website (Swedish) (English). The songs there are all similar to this one and are very much worth a listen if you enjoy the lo-fi fuzzed out sound featured here today. Good stuff....

MP3: Do It Right: (link expired)

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