Wednesday, December 20, 2006

François Virot

I almost decided to find a new background design for both MML and the MySpace group page after hearing today's featured song. The first idea that came to mind would have been scattered liquor bottles around a campfire. If only I could add a few interactive percussion buttons and beanbag chairs, we would all be in business. This is a great song I found while using the Google Translator tool to check out some international music sources. After ending up on the really nice weblog La Blogothèque, I read a brief article regarding the musician you are listening to. From what I could figure out in the translation, there is a mainstream French online music website ( ) that has a competition for new independent artists every year. CQFD 2007 received around 7000 submissions and have eventually decided on 21 finalists. In case you hadn't guessed, François Virot is one of those final 21. The acoustic guitars are instantly warm and his vocals have that near reckless feel any Built to Spill fan would appreciate.

François Virot
is an up and coming musician from Lyon, France. Besides his solo work, François is involved in many other music projects including Flip Flop Community, DJ Making Friends and a new favorite of mine, Clara Clara. If you want to listen to and download some good-n-dirty lo fi noise rock check out the Clara Clara website. I probably should have mentioned the François Virot MySpace page to begin with. In a brief review/bio there, it is explained that My Head Is Blank as well as the other 3 streamable songs were recorded on a 4 track in true DIY fashion. He has recently become a part of the Paris based Clapping Music label. There is also a Clapping Music MySpace for more artists and music. Enjoy your Wednesday ...and the song.

MP3: My Head Is Blank

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