Monday, December 18, 2006

Los Campesinos!

Ok... Are you ready for your new favorite band? Before you say anything, I realize this band has been blogged to death during the latter part of this year. Regardless of the mountain of myspace page views, endless reviews they've received and countless comparisons to mainstream fashion bands I refuse to listen to, I find this to be some of the most fun music of 2006 and well worthy of a featured spot. The first full minute builds this song from a simple guitar into a full blown Architecture In Helsinki/Pixies experience. I suppose anytime you add bells to a rock song, it will have plenty of people (including myself) drooling over it. There currently is no Los Campesinos! website but since the band recently signed to the enormous label Wichita Recordings, I'm sure they either had to ditch an old website or are in a holding pattern for a new one that will suit an equally huge audience. For now, you can visit the Los Campesinos! MySpace page to hear more music. While you are there, check out their blog listing most of the reviews they've found. Some are good and some are just ridiculous. There is even a YouTube video of some random American girl dancing to the song featured here.

Very fun(ny), cute and yes this is her MySpace profile.

Los Campesinos!
is an indie pop/rock septet from Cardiff, Wales UK. The only thing I know about Wales is that there is actually a place called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch there (no, I am not kidding.) Anyway, the band members are listed by first name only and include Aleksandra (Vocals/Clapping/Melody Horn), Ellen (Bass/Vocals), Gareth (Vocals/Glockenspiel/Guitar/Clapping), Harriet (Violin/Keyboards/Vocals), Neil (Guitar/Vocals), Ollie (Drums/Vocals) and Tom (Guitar/Vocals). Lots of vocal contributors ah? The band begins touring in March 2007 so you can probably place a safe bet that a debut release will become available around that time. There is also a Wichita Recordings MySpace for more music you might like. Look out folks!! comes Los Campesinos!

MP3: You! Me! Dancing!

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