Friday, December 22, 2006


2006 is almost over and there are a couple of musicians, along with yesterday's post, I didn't get to earlier this year. In the case of the featured artist today, there was a bit of a negative stir regarding their current introduction into the North American market. I'll have to admit, after seeing a section of the Prototypes website titled US FOOD which includes a photo entry from the latest tour regarding stereotypical American cuisine and also this MySpace picture, it was almost too laughable to continue any further in my investigation. It was probably the reason I forgot to feature them. The band could use some PR help for sure, but I ended up listening anyway and have to say this is an amazingly fun song. I usually feature garage/indie rock music on Fridays, but this seems like an equally satisfying way to kick off the weekend. If you are headed out tonight, the featured track might be a good energy boost for pre-club/pub cocktails and getting primped at home.

are a 3 piece dance/rock outfit from Paris, France. The band formed in 2003 with members Isabelle Le Doussal (vocals), François Marche (guitar) and Stephane Bodin (bass, synthesizer.) From what I read, they have a debut US single/album this year titled Who's Gonna Sing! which was featured as theme music for some ipod commercial series. Ok, I still don't despise them. Je Ne Te Connais Pas actually constitutes a guilty pleasure for my ears... what the hell is wrong with me? Prototypes are signed to the French label Boxson (boxson myspace) and US counterpart Minty Fresh Records (minty fresh MySpace). There is also the compulsory Prototypes MySpace page for more music as well as the disturbing realization that Universal Music runs the Prototypes website. You can find a video for the Prototypes' song Gentleman on YouTube as well...

Oh let me guess... the septic melting man trying to get them is an American? You have no idea how many times I almost typed Protopipe during this writeup. Enjoy the weekend!!

MP3: Je Ne Te Connais Pas

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