Monday, December 11, 2006

Mitch Easter

Ok, I can't honestly say that I was ever a Let's Active fan during the 80s. A friend of mine had a younger sister that loved them but she was "fluffy" in a Cure/Smiths/REM kinda way by my teenage standards. I'm fairly certain I had one of their cassette tapes at some point but can't be sure. As a result of my preoccupation with hardcore punk bands at the time, the only similar music I can remember being interested in was Game Theory (hopefully some of you will get the connection.) The only reason I am even mentioning the 80s-tastic IRS Records band Let's Active is that the front man, Mitch Easter, is our featured artist here today. After 18 long years, he has new music that is fresh, relevant and simply put...really nice. Now that I listen and think about it, more attention should have been paid to his music back in the day. There are some amazing little gems in his back catalog of music and this new material is a wonderful discovery.

As mentioned above, North Carolina musician, producer and engineer Mitch Easter was a (the) founding member of the 80s alternative band Let's Active. His new album Dynamico is set for release in early 2007 through the San Francisco, California based label 125 Records. Today's track is the first listen from the new record and is also available for download from the Mitch Easter Website. When I listen to this song, Ultra Vivid Scene instantly comes to mind for some strange reason. If you would like to hear more, visit the Mitch Easter MySpace Page and send a compulsory friend invite. I almost forgot!!! There is also a Let's Active Fan MySpace Page where some ancient videos can be found thanks to YouTube. My favorite videos are Waters Part and In Little Ways. Enjoy!!... and look out for the new album in early 2007.

MP3: Sudden Crown Drop

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