Friday, December 15, 2006

White Rabbits

It's finally Friday, but for me that just means packing more of the junk I've collected over the past several years before I move south. Does anyone in Columbus want a huge brick of black cat firecrackers, sparklers or several roman candles? Free stuff I tell ya. Anyway, today's featured band originally brought to mind some of my late 70s British mod/pop favorites, but after a few listens the sound seems to fall more in line with classic 60s brit rock. Whatever the case may be for you, the one thing I read about this band, and eventually heard for myself, is that the energy levels run high and don't let up for a second. The song featured here is listed as an unmastered rough mix but, with what I am hearing (especially in the vocals), it is a bit difficult to imagine this track sounding any better than it already does. This is a great way to kick off the weekend... I'll give you some quick links to check out below. Enjoy!

White Rabbits
are an indie rock band originally from Columbia, Missouri who met in 2004. In June of 2005, members Alexander Even, Adam Russell, Matthew Clark, Gregory Roberts and Stephen Patterson packed up everything and moved to their new home, New York City. They were soon joined by Jamie Levinson and the six of them began to move forward with the music. The song you are listening to will be a part of their early 2007 full length album that is yet to be named. It will be released on the band's NYC based label Say Hey Records. There is also a Say Hey Records Myspace Page to visit for more good music. For basic band information stop by the White Rabbits Website and then turn your mouse towards the White Rabbits Myspace Page to add as a friend and hear another good song. Finally, I was reluctant to post this next bit because it is fairly disgusting, but since it had me laughing I will give it up. If you can stomach the mouth frothing lunacy involved, this is a YouTube video advert for one of the White Rabbits' October NYC shows. I'm speechless on this video clip.

MP3: The Plot

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