Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Love Story

Since early yesterday, cold Canadian air moved its way down through the Midwestern US and caused quite a stir here in central Ohio. 50 mph winds threw my power out of commission a few times last night while various car alarm devices sounded off in harmony out on the street. The chaotic percussion that starts today's featured track is exactly the sound I heard as the beat up windows of my old 1890's apartment building rattled endlessly. Slowly, this song builds in much the same way the Yo La Tengo 1995 classic Blue Line Swinger takes hold (of your brain.) The guitars linger perfectly while feeding you a constant dose of hum and accent strum. If you check this blog or the MySpace group with any regularity, you know that vocal performance is all important. Molly Donahue casts a delicate vocal delivery in which you are left with a distant sense of some commanding old soul. I can almost see the smile CT's Elizabeth Fraser or even Siouxsie might have upon hearing Molly's voice. Regardless of what little information I could find on this band, there are still a ton of links below so let's get to them.

The Love Story
Is a New York City trio consisting of Molly Donahue (vocals, guitars), Renn Cheadle (guitars) and Jason Trammell (percussion, additional sounds/voice). The bio on the (old) The Love Story Website is vague at best. From what I read, Molly shared her recordings with Renn via snail mail when she was in Michigan. She, at some point, moved to Arizona for her day job but soon, after much badgering from Renn, left that career and moved to NYC to pursue music with him. The End... not really. There is now an (updated) The Love Story website that is a work in progress but has all of the essential links. The band's debut EP Flight Of Myself was released in 2004 and is still available through CD Baby for $8.99 USD. If you visit The Love Story MySpace Page some of the songs from that EP are available for stream and/or download. Today's featured song is one I found on the NYC online music magazine The Deli and will soon be released through the band's label Blonde Records as part of a full length album. Look for it in early 2007.

MP3: Such Love

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