Tuesday, December 19, 2006


For some reason I keep ending up back in NYC for music lately and it really is only coincidence. I'm fairly certain there is no new surge of music coming out of that town. It's just a constant steady stream of just about anything you'd ever want to hear. I've actually never been there besides the airport but am sure this has always been the case. I was checking out a few bloggers over the weekend and found a brief mention of today's band on the I Rock Cleveland music blog. This song has a nice simple driving pace that never really breaks into anything extravagant. Sometimes that sits just fine with me...well it must have been the case, otherwise I wouldn't have gone back to listen repeatedly. Cezanne originally started out as the DIY musical project of John Daugherity (guitar/vocals.) He was living in Texas at the time and eventually moved to New York City after a solo 2003 release and having written the music for what would become the current CD. After a year, John finally found members Kyle Warren (drums) and Dave Burgreen (bass). The band now calls Brooklyn, NY home and is performing tonight 12/19 at Lit Lounge ($6 / door @ 9pm).

Both releases are available for purchase through CD baby and the band's own Hearttooth Records. There is a Cezanne MySpace page with some live tracks to stream and a noisy YouTube video of the featured song you are listening to as well. In fact, you can watch it here too...

While there, check the merchandise link for the Cezanne Teddy Bear I must have. (I am joking... DO NOT send Cezanne Teddy Bears to MML please) I do, however, really like this song.

MP3: I've Got So Much

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Anonymous said...

You get a fucking bear. great song btw.