Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Miniature Tigers

Today's writeup will be brief since all of the junk I've accumulated over the past decade needs to have its film of second hand cigarette smoke cleaned from it. I then need to place this precious garbage in neat little boxes and move those boxes to Cincinnati, Ohio by the 1st of January. Not fun. While I tend to my relocation, there will be plenty of music featured originating from various music blog/resource type places I enjoy so please check them out! Yesterday, I visited the Hollywood, California based Rock Insider website and found a musician that RI proprietor JAX had posted a week ago. Almost immediately after this wonderfully lazy song started, I was reminded of Gisli who we featured here on MML in September. Lost cousins??? At 2 minutes and 34 seconds, it is a very short track but at or around the halfway point, you might get an unexpected holiday feeling warming your bones. I experienced this seasonal phenomenon when the chorus kicked in. Odd eh? There really isn't much info on the artist out there yet, but I will at least give you the links I could find.

Miniature Tigers is the musical brainchild/project of Charlie Brand from Echo Park, California. If you like the song you are listening to, I recommend a not-so-quick visit to the Miniature Tigers Myspace to hear another good song streaming there. Both tracks were going to be part of an upcoming EP released on the band's Phoenix, Arizona based label Modern Art Records. I say "were" since, after reading a blog on the Modern Art Myspace Page, it seems the new material might just end up becoming a full length release. Sure to raise a few more eyebrows is another bit of info I read. Charlie has been in the studio working with musician/producer Back Ted N-Ted on the new material. There is also a Back Ted N-Ted Myspace for those not familiar with his work. Finally, as is often the case here, a YouTube video is available from the artist. This is a song titled Viking Hearts for your viewing pleasure. Have a good day today...

MP3: The Wolf

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