Sunday, October 08, 2006

Velocity Girl

Late start to Classic Sunday but that's what weekends are for. This will be an abbreviated writeup and I'm sure, as usual, that the band won't mind since no longer exist in group form. Sometimes getting signed to the coolest label at the wrong time can be a devastating or career ending experience. Today's featured artists made such a move during the early 90's and the press/attention were all over them initially. The eventual Indie backlash against anything Subpop, combined with what is known as the coat tail effect (MTV exposure to idiots) in collective behavior studies saw the band fold into obscurity at a rate I can only liken to the career of any 20 member rap group. The mid to late 90's were not a good time for indie rock bands and plenty of them, along with today's feature, were mostly overlooked in cheap exchange for mall-rat grunge. In other words, people are sheep.

Velocity Girl started out in 1988 as an Indie label trio in Silver Spring, Maryland that eventually became a 5 piece and went big-time for a short period of time. The lineup consisted of vocalist Sarah Shannon along with Archie Moore, Jim Spellman, Kelly Riles and Brian Nelson. The first singles, along with this song, were released on the Slumberland Records label. They would soon join the Sub Pop label to release three more full length CDs. If the song featured here today sounds familiar, it was part the soundtrack of the 1995 High School movie Clueless. Don't laugh...I actually like that movie. Besides the above mentioned link to Sarah Shannon's new music, the only thing I could find on myspace was a Velocity Girl Fan Profile. I found some of their videos on YouTube, too, and couldn't decide which one to post. So I'm posting all three.

Did I mention that I love this song?

MP3: My Forgotten Favorite (1991, 1993, 1995)

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