Thursday, October 26, 2006

Via Audio

Today's useless thought consists of the current weather change and the fact that I have bad knees that really hurt when it gets cold. Sadly, Advil is quickly becoming a food group that will carry me through another winter. I've been told that it's my age but have had this since my teen years. Anyway, enough with that and on to a quick writeup about the music. I have a folder on my computer desktop labeled "never played" for music files that don't get featured. Most of these gems are from bands that had little or no information or had a gazillion MySpace page hits once I checked their page. I wasn't sure how today's featured artist ended up there but it might have something to do with a small portion of their bio I remember now. I'm honestly not trying to take the piss here, but they mention that Chris Walla from DCFC messaged them on MySpace and later spoke about them in an interview. I'll admit that If Pitchfork mentioned my little blog I would shout it from the rooftops!! Well maybe not, but if Sixeyes took notice... *ehem*... All joking aside, this is a really good band that deserves repeated listens. As this song was nearing the 2 minute mark, the lovably benign charm of Low came to mind. This is great stuff.

Via Audio
is the indie pop quartet of Jessica Martins (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Tom Deis (guitar, vocals), David Lizmi (bass, vocals) and Danny Molad (drums, vocals). They all play more instruments than I listed above and met while enrolled at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. The band's debut self titled EP was released on the Kill Normal Records label in 2004. You can still get your hands on this release for next to nothing at Visit the Via Audio MySpace page to hear more music and get the latest show dates including a November 4 CMJ Showcase at Pianos NYC. Check the Via Audio website also and ...ooooh before I forget, there is also a YouTube video from 2005 of the song Mouth Shut.

I always respect a band that doesn't need to hide behind lighting (or lack thereof) to put on a good show.

MP3: We Can Be Good

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