Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Western States Motel

Update 10/13: I am just updating yesterday's artist with another good song. I had a bombshell hit me at work and need to digest the information. (Cincinnati seems like a nice place to visit... but moving there???) In other words, my office is closing in Columbus and if I don't move with it, I am job hunting come very early next year (right after the holidays.) I need some sleep....uggg.


Before this writeup, I need to mention that Michelle brought her G4 PowerBook along for this visit. We ended up messing around with the music program on her Mac and are trying to figure out a way to involve my bass guitar through the Digitech BP50 bass processor I kick around with at home. If anyone is familiar with (real instruments on) the Garageband application please get in touch with us. Onward...When downloading music I sometimes mislabel the songs and since my desktop is full of various music files I had to do some searching to figure out which band to read up on. After having no luck with a myspace music search for a band called Southwest Planez, I finally realized that it was the song title and not the band name. This is a really nice song that's been stuck in the back of my head for quite a while now so I thought I'd share. The Pavement familiarity is easy to spot in the vocals, but distant at best when listening to this band entirely. For ears that love the low key, this one is a keeper.

The Western States Motel is primarily the music project of California native Carl Jordan. He currently resides in Los Angeles and enlists the help of friends for live performances. This Sunday, 15 October, TWSM will be playing at The Make-Out-Room in San Francisco along with previous MML featured artists Winechuggers for a mere $7. Now... If only N. Lannon happened to be in this lineup somewhere, it might just be the perfect gig. For more good music you can visit TWSM on Myspace and buy this summer's self titled 11 song debut release through CD Baby for $11. To give you some history, I will quote the official bio here...

"The Western States Motel began as a recording entity, creating soundtracks for unmade short films set in Los Angeles, backyard nature documentaries, and various vhs camcorder retrospectives. Eventually, a score was completed for a short documentary called "FOLSOM, CASH AND THE COMEBACK," which examines Johnny Cash's 1968 concert at Folsom Prison. You can find it on the "WALK THE LINE" special edition dvd. August 1st, 2006 saw the release of their self-titled debut album on their own Firebird Field Recordings label."

MP3s: Southwest Planez & Powerlines - no longer available for download here, but you can get hold of them from the iTunes Music Store.

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