Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The music this week is turning out to be nice and low key so far here and in the group and I'm sure it's been needed (at least by me)... this being the official "balance the finances" week in Caseyland. I need to save a few bones since there is a huge 3-day Greek Festival here in town this weekend. My daughter usually wants to walk away with half of the place in shopping bags and I end up with a full stomach for days, but enough about that. Today's featured band was really a surprise to me. I saw them posted on 3hive and another blog I can't remember but skipped over them for some reason. Finally, after going from one MySpace page to the next this evening, I found them on the friends list of another great band. I listened but couldn't get the MySpace player to let me download so off I went back to blogland to grab this song. I was more than content with this track and love the way it ends in a light fuzzy guitar. Bill Cameron's vocals are also a great great listen.

Check out the Winechuggers MySpace to hear 3 more tracks and add on as a friend for sure. Today's featured song is from the 2005 release Grand Rapids and is available through Arena Rock Recordings for a mere $10.00 USD. Rather than going into detail about Winechuggers, I will quote a good summation from the Arena Rock biography page...

"Winechuggers may seem to have popped up out of nowhere, but Cameron's got a history. He started the project while living in Chicago, a side gig and change-up from his electronic duo Emperor Penguin, in which he played keyboards under the pseudonym Melvoin Stanke. Moving between Chicago and his hometown near Indianapolis, he began recording what would become Grand Rapids with friends Jeb Banner and his Emperor Penguin mate Carl Saff, finishing up most of the album by 2001. After a half-hearted attempt to get the disc put out, he packed the recordings in a box and moved to San Francisco, where he now lives. Last year, a copy found its way to the Arena Rock Recording Company offices in Portland, and the label is now bringing us what would've been something of a lost classic."

MP3: Long Circuitous Path

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