Monday, October 09, 2006

Lonely China Day

MML and the MySpace group are both a complete exercise in finding music from around the world. We've been accused of favoring international music instead of limiting ourselves to artists within the borders of the US (or the UK in my case! - Michelle) and we are ok with that. It really doesn't make a difference where a band is from. I just opened my MySpace to find that these guys had added me one day and here we are. If you are spending any amount of time wondering why we do what we do, then you have far too much time on your hands. We also have that time but keep forgetting the point. Ahhh yes... Good music. In this case, I have a band from China to feature. I really can't compare this music to anything (besides Arab Strap in a twisted way) but that is probably a good thing. Before I dig a deeper hole for myself with my silly review of a band this talented, I will quote a really good part of the official band bio...

"When it comes to exported music from China most think:

1) traditional World Music

2) Horrifying girl/boy pop groups sucking loli pops and wearing a blinding blend of neon

3) Karaoke bars... lots of Karaoke bars.Yes: Lonely China Day is from Beijing, China.No: They don’t play traditional Chinese music. They don’t suck loli pops. They never go to Karaoke bars…ever."

Ok... I'm sold. Lonely China Day is an indie rock quartet from Beijing, China. I'm not sure when the band was formed but the current lineup consists of Deng Pei (songwriter, vocals, guitar, programming), Wang Dongtao (guitars), He Feng (bass) and Luo Hao (drums). If you want to hear more, check out the Lonely China Day Myspace to start. They have a brand new self titled 2006 EP that you can purchase through Tag Team Records. There is also a Tag Team MySpace to visit for more great music. Finally, there is a Lonely China Day website for the best information. Jo tau (I think you say goodnight that way?)...Zzzzzzz

MP3: Thou


Michelle said...

Can't say "Chinese music" is synonymous with either "karaoke" or "girls with lollipops" in my mind... but maybe that's just me!

Good, good song!


Steds said...

Lonely China Day! great band, great music... what more can you say apart from listen to them... you wont be disappointed!

with love from Scotland, UK


Filippo said...

:| well, can't say that your way of writing is very funny, Lonely China Day is a good band, though. i like them a lot. wan'an (good night)!

The-OnlyFour said...

Your blog is interesting. Visit for more English translations of Chinese lyrics!