Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Iowa Super Soccer

More often than not, I seem to be finding music to feature already there within the MySpace group these days. We've invited hundreds (Michelle says thousands, more like) of bands to check this out based on their influences and initial impression, and I often spend evenings just going back through to listen. This group is, by no means, a numbers game. The group membership as well as on our MML MySpace page are both becoming a virtual record store. The good kind! In the case of today's featured artists, it was incredibly easy. All we had to do was read their thread that you can find in the forum section below. This is also another geographical first for the group and blog where music is concerned as Eastern Europe has gone mostly unrepresented here. It's always a fun part of doing this group to find good music in new locations. If there are more bands like this from the area, I would love to hear them.

Iowa Super Soccer
is a low key 5 piece consisting of Monika Mendak (vocals), Marcin Fluder (guitar), Michal Skrzydlo (guitar / vocals), Slawek Plotek (drums) and Blazej Nowicki (bass). As I almost mentioned above they are from Poland and formed in 2004. Today's featured song is one I downloaded from the Iowa Super Soccer website. This is a great track that slowly gains momentum at the 2 minute mark and builds on all the right levels for the second part of the song. Monika's vocals are definitely the sweetest attraction here. There are more songs on the Iowa Super Soccer MySpace page including one titled The River which will be a part of the band's upcoming November EP. There is also a really short clip of the band live on YouTube:

ISS is currently unsigned so you will need to contact them on MySpace to purchase the new EP. Their debut release is also available for £2.25 GBP ($4 USD). Give them a shout.

MP3: Morning

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skl said...

Hello there.

I'm quite glad you discovered ISS. They sound really well and on their second EP, they go on as on of the most promising new Polish acts.

I'd like to introduce you, nevertheless, to Zerova. In cas eyou're into the music of Sigur Ros or Mum, check them out, because for sure you'll love them.

The band let me post one of their mp3s on Music@PL.PT. Have a look at it.

Take care


PS: You've got a really fine blog here.