Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Vandelles

What do you do when you have little information about a band on MySpace that kicks you in the shins at first listen?? You post them on your MP3 blog and hope the almighty Hype Machine doesn't turn up 100 entries within the past month. In this case, with a couple of exceptions, I am safe and couldn't wait to get this up and playing here for y'all. First comparisons might be an easy call if you are (and who isn't) familiar with pre-cheese Jesus & Mary Chain stuff. I'll admit that I am a sucker for the levels of reverb you are experiencing right now but also have another fleeting thought. I'm an occasional Jon Spencer fan and am just guessing, but maybe one (or more) of the members of this band owns a Pussy Galore cassette tape or album? In any event, this is a retro-surf-punk-tastic song.

The Vandelles
are the indie rock quartet of Sue (drums, percussion, drum machine), Jason (guitar, instruments, vocals), Dave (guitar, vocals, drum machine) and Lisha (bass, vocals) from New York, New York. Sue is the only member of the band with a non-private MySpace page and it's kinda cool since she has The Crystals playing there. From what I could figure out from my admittedly brief research, today's featured song was originally part of the Psychedelica Vol. 1 compilation released on Northern Star Records earlier this year. Of course there is also the compulsory Vandelles MySpace where you can listen to and download more music. All songs are very good and, as bonus, there is a Vandelles Annex MySpace with two more songs. The band's music is featured in the independent film Fractured. Finally, it is always a good day when I find a live YouTube video of the featured song here. Enjoy!!

MP3: Lovely Weather

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Anonymous said...

one of my best bands.

jesus and mary chain vs link wray!