Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Punch And Judy

Sunday's classic was a good one and spilled into Monday since constant beer consumption during the course of any given weekend is not conducive to productivity on a Sunday evening. As consolation, we've posted a second Dag Nasty MP3 on the MML blog for you. The track is titled Typical and was what I can remember as the perfect "get over a teen break up" song. I need to mention that I've probably been dropped from the honorary Swede list since I neglected to feature my usual 2 or 3 Swedish bands last week. In moving forward I found a really good one to share that might bring me back in good favor. I wanted to keep the indie rock going for another day and this young band has jumping energy levels for sure. The first comparison that came to mind was Sonic Youth (vocals) mixed with a Jawbox era song structure. The track is just over 4 minutes long with the last minute building into a full blown screaming vocal attack that slows into what I can only liken to early ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Add bells to any rock song and I am sold completely. I could listen to this song repeatedly (especially the last minute or so.)

Punch and Judy
are an indie rock quintet from Gothenburg, Sweden. Members Olof Astrom, Bjorn Vestlund, Daniel Sraneus, Edvin Thorbjornsson and Jonas Abrahamsson started making music in 2004 from what I could decipher from the Swedish language Punch and Judy website. This is yet another good example of an unsigned DIY outfit that blows away plenty of signed bands. Today's featured song is part of their 4 song 2005 EP titled Secondary. Last month P&J shared a bill with previous MML feature Backslick. If you visit the Punch and Judy MySpace page there is more music to download as well. Great stuff!!

MP3: You Better Know It's Coming Back

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