Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MML: Sweder's Digest

Ok... the subject line here might just be a silly play on words, but the music and links to the artists involved will probably more than make up for our ridiculousness. The last time we catalogued bands that had previously been featured on MML, our focus was directed to a specific style of dreamy guitar rock [original shoegaze extravaganza + downloads.] This time we are doing things a bit differently in highlighting some of our favorite artists from a country we have come to rely on for a constant supply of outstanding music. Yes that country is Sweden. With the exception of a few individual musicians who are a part of some of these projects, all are from Sweden with a handful now residing in other countries. In several cases, the bands contacted us in a variety of ways but, for the most part, discovering this music was a product of our MySpace and music blog (big favorite) travels over the past couple of years. Hopefully we will have another major list/post for you this time next year. For now, there are 40-something different artists featured so if you can't find anything to fall in love with this time, we have no idea what to tell you. Please make sure to visit the links listed below to support the musicians and purchase the music you are fond of... You can contact plenty of the artists directly in order to do so.

Have fun with this one, search our blog for more good stuff and please let us know when there is new music from Sweden to explore.


Website & MySpace
MP3: Time Is On Fire

Anna Leong

Website & MySpace
MP3: They Will Know Us


Website & MySpace
MP3: Adapt!


MP3: Don't You Tell A Word


Website & MySpace
MP3: Down The Streets Of Paris

Bedroom Eyes

Website & MySpace
MP3: Blueprint For Departure
MP3: Hand-In-Hand Grenade
MP3: (Here's One For You) Underdog

Big Strong Union

Website & MySpace
MP3: Internet Poker Ruined My Life

Bobby Baby

Website & MySpace
MP3: Lads Are Fun

Boy Omega

Website & MySpace
MP3: Burn This Flag
MP3: By Midnight We'll Give It a Go
MP3: Papa Was a Rodeo (Magnetic Fields cover)

Bring Me The Fucking Riot... Man

Website & MySpace
MP3: In Love With The Riot


MP3: Cold Morning

Pelle Carlberg

Website & MySpace
MP3: I Love You, You Imbecile


Website & MySpace
MP3: Nattöppet


Website & MySpace
MP3: The Tune I Call November

The Fine Arts Showcase

Website & MySpace
MP3: Chemical Girl
MP3: Dance With Your Shadow

Florence Valentin

Website & MySpace
MP3: Vårby Gård

The Happy People

Website & MySpace
MP3: Shake Along, Son

Hello Saferide

Website & MySpace
MP3: Highschool Stalker

Henry Morgans Solokarriär

Website & MySpace
MP3: Keeping Me Warm
MP3: One Day, Any Day

Honeymoon Over!

MP3: Järntorget
MP3: Sophistication


Website & MySpace
MP3: Do It Right (link expired)


Website & MySpace
MP3: Släpp In Solen

It's A Musical!

Website & MySpace
MP3: Pain Song
MP3: Take Off Your T-Shirt

Jens Lekman

Website & MySpace
MP3: Black Cab

The Kid

Website & MySpace
MP3: Kit Club Hotel


MP3: Are We Friends


MP3: Stalking Skills

Like Honey

Website & MySpace
MP3: November

The Lovekevins

Website & MySpace
MP3: Private Life Of A Cat
MP3: Tamagotchi Freestyle

Marching Band

Website & MySpace
MP3: Home Alone VI

Paddington Distortion Combo

Website & MySpace
MP3: Clean Sound Suckers


MP3: Bootstrap

Punch And Judy

Website & MySpace
MP3: You Better Know It's Coming Back

Salty Pirates

Website & MySpace
MP3: Common Sense
MP3: Survivalist Guide
MP3: The Couple On The Bus


Website & MySpace
MP3: You Don't Know

The State of Samuel

Website & MySpace
MP3: Square Roots
MP3: The Residents of Gloom

Strip Squad

Website & MySpace
MP3: Pervert Expert
MP3: Unreliable Narrator

Karin Ström

Website & MySpace
MP3: Betydelsen Av Rum

Surplus People

Website & MySpace
MP3: He's Got a Penis On His Head


Website & MySpace
MP3: Hang Me High

AK Von Malmborg

MP3: Rosenblad



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Mr Rossy said...

Holy crap, this is a post and a half..good work !!! Will be back later when i've had time to shift through all this wonderfull stuff !

Frukt Records said...

Hi there! Thanx for writing such nice things bout honeymoon over! But anyhow: Now one half of that band, Fredrik Ståhl, has released his full-lenght album titled "Shortcomings & Long Shots". We hope you'll like that record and write a little something bout that as well.

As allways you can download it from www.fruktrecords.se

Have a nice sunday!