Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The much anticipated, while delayed due to a printing error, release date is finally here for a brand new 13 track album from a band we originally featured over a year ago [original 2006 review + download]. Actually, I've had the promo copy on heavy rotation in my car for the past couple of months, waiting for just the right time to post this beauty on the blog. The new album from Terrene, titled The Indifferent Universe, was released today through the band's Seattle/New York based label Wax Orchard. After spending some time absorbing these new songs, it easily becomes evident that Terrene has been busy evolving their sound into a blend of unique new horizons while preserving a hint of the classic artists they mention as being an influence. The Indifferent Universe keeps this excellent balance throughout its entirety and, without a single weak moment in the mix, is probably one of the more solid releases we've heard so far this year. Fifty One is the lead track and the following is a YouTube version of the video for it.

Terrene is the indie rock trio of John Dylan (guitar, vocals), Ramsey Saleem (bass, vocals) and Jimmy Gilbertson (drums, laptop) from Seattle, Washington. John created the band in 2003 after years as an accomplished solo artist. As mentioned above, The Indifferent Universe full length CD is available today and is very much worth looking into. Another major plus to this album is that Phil Ek ... oh yes that Phil Ek (Built To Spill, The Shins etc) had his hand in production duties. To listen to more of the new music and find additional information, you will need to visit the Terrene MySpace page since the Terrene website is currently undergoing a redesign. There are two of the new tracks below for your review. The second is Unwelcome, which is the quirky one of the bunch, but give it some time and you get a highly addictive rock song. Big thanks to Janelle from Green Light Go for the disc. Great stuff.

MP3: Fixed Up
MP3: Unwelcome

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