Monday, August 20, 2007

Black Kites

What would you think if we told you there was a good shoegaze band from Southern California you should check out? Ok, let's raise the stakes a bit. What would come to mind if we informed you of a great shoegaze band located in Los Angeles that played the Viper Room this past weekend? If you have that northeastern mindset, similar to my own, you might shrug it off with a sigh or at least a distant sneer... but not so fast. Somewhere between the first whisper of All Wrong and the final echoed goodbye of the track Sadie, we found ourselves falling for a lovely dialogue of male and female vocals accented by a measured approach to the early 90s sound we adore. Black Kites are an impressive quartet consisting of members Alan Petherick (guitar,vocals), Evelyn Reyes (keyboard, vocals), Nicki Nevlin (bass) and Marcel Feldmar (drums). For more tracks that might bring to mind classic post-shoegazers Ride as well as more recent indie rock bands such as Low, stop in for a visit to the Black Kites MySpace page. There is additional information and links on the Black Kites website and you can download the balance of music from the new All Wrong EP at the band's label Filthy Angels (Filthy Angels MySpace). Enjoy!

MP3: All Wrong
MP3: Sadie


cuddlefish said...

Thanks! I'm loving their sound.

AmyMeacham said...

Nice! Thanks.