Friday, August 03, 2007

The Loyal Trooper

When we receive a friend request from a band on MySpace, paying attention and listening is almost always a welcome obligation. In the case of today's featured artist, we first had a listen a week or so ago. The music was entirely catchy and had us scrambling (in our own lazy way) to download for a post on MML. It was only the other day that we noticed mention of this band on Indie MP3 and Just Gimme Indie Rock and since both are music websites we visit frequently, it was decided to join in the fun. For the most part, when spoken-through vocals are involved in alternative pop/rock music the end result is usually a laborious listen. Fortunately, with The Loyal Trooper, we were treated to a different energy. All of the tracks we heard were simple and effective pop songs that deserve much of the attention they are definitely going to get.

The Loyal Trooper is primarily the music project of Andy Walker who is originally from the northern English city of Sheffield. He now resides in London and enlists the assistance of various friends to complete the full band lineup. The debut EP 4 Quid With Flyer will be available through This Is Fake DIY Records (Fake DIY MySpace) this Monday, August 6th. To listen to more of these songs and add as a compulsory friend, you can visit The Loyal Trooper MySpace page. For additional information, Andy's blog and a free music download, also stop by The Loyal Trooper Website. It's all very good stuff....

MP3: Nothing To Say

As an added bonus that might be a bit off the map for some of you, we present an almost completely non-related artist also from Sheffield, UK. I had to ask my British wife where the town was located and she jokingly replied "Sex City?... oh that's just a Pulp song". By half coincidence, The Loyal Trooper lists Pulp as a top influence... so here is the song Michelle was joking about.

MP3: Pulp - Sheffield: Sex City (1992)

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