Tuesday, July 31, 2007

RF & Lili De La Mora

Whenever I receive a message from Lili De La Mora, the senses come to life knowing there is always something good coming our way. The beautifully unique whispering vocals we fell in love with long ago have been featured on MML in previous posts you can find both here and here. The undertaking we present today is a collaboration between Lili and exceptional multimedia artist Ryan (RF) Francesconi. Together this California duo are creating music under the aptly named project RF & Lili De La Mora. Along with several established musicians/friends you can find links for on the RF & Lili De La Mora MySpace page, they have released a brand new CD in Eleven Continents through Darla Records (Darla MySpace) with an upcoming August launch date on Japanese label P-Vine (P-Vine MySpace.) The following YouTube video was produced by Ryan and is the lead track of the new album. This is outstanding.

As an added bonus, Lili was kind enough to lend us a track from a limited release compilation titled V.A Schole Compilation Vol. 1 that was made available earlier this month on Tokyo, Japan label Schole Records. Enjoy.

MP3: Your Book Of Everything

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