Monday, July 23, 2007

Samm Bennett

Before you listen to the following tracks and prior to my usual inane banter, please visit the following link for an amazing biography on today's featured artist. By his own admission, it is an exhaustive read, yet well worth more than a few moments of your time. We originally featured the music of Samm Bennett along with fellow musician and beautiful vocalist Haruna Ito from Tokyo, Japan and their ongoing music project Skist last year [November 2006 review + download]. If you take the time to read the extended bio on Samm, the first thing that might impress is the truly international scope of his travels. Starting with his move from hometown Birmingham, Alabama to Boston in 1977, Samm began a musical trek that would change his location again from Boston to various parts of Africa, Belgium, New York City and eventually Tokyo, Japan performing with numerous world-renowned experimental and traditional musicians along the way. Beyond the history, and moving expenses I couldn't begin to imagine, exists an updated catalogue of music which earns very high reccomendations from MML. Definitely visit all of the links and enjoy this music.

As mentioned above, Samm Bennett is presently settled and creating this unique brand of experimental electroacoustic music in Tokyo, Japan. The songs we have featured today are part of the upcoming release How To Get From Gone To Here which will be available a bit later this year on Samm's own music label Polarity Records. For a few more tracks, updated news, live performance dates and to become a friend, you can easily visit the Samm Bennett MySpace page. While there, take a moment to digest the broad range of musical collaborators and influences listed. We also recommend stopping in to the Samm Bennett Section of his Polarity Records website for a comprehensive discography and more information on all of the music projects available there.

MP3: Blues Wrapped Round My Head
MP3: Party People (Get On The Dancefloor)

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