Monday, July 09, 2007


After yet another stint away from our favorite little Internet addiction, we are once again kicking things off with quite the bang to follow our previous 4th of July post. If you are a regular visitor to this music weblog and appreciate a healthy dose of well measured noise rock, you are in for a treat today. We first featured Boy/Girl on February 2, 2007 [original review + download] and were more than excited to learn about a new EP and some additional news we will get to eventually. For now... sit back (if you can) and take a listen to this new little number.

MP3: Rorshack

Oh yeah... It's every bit as good as we remember. As a recap from our previous visit to Boy/Girl-Land, Eric Stiner (guitar/vocals) from Brooklyn, New York and Lisa Cusack (drums), who is originally from Oslo, Norway, met at Columbia University in 2005. Since that time, the music continues to evolve and the band is quickly becoming one of our favorite rock duos. If this new music brings to mind early 1990s material of the classic Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, it's most likely a result of Boy/Girl enlisting the big man and JSBX drummer himself, Russell Simins (Mr. Simins MySpace), to handle production duties. Now let's get to the important stuff.

The brand new EP titled Secret Secret Secret Singles is available through 307 Knox Records and via iTunes for download. You might also find it necessary to stop into the updated Boy/Girl website for more information and news . There are more tracks and MySpace videos (that actually work!) placed appropriately enough on the Boy/Girl MySpace page. The band's next live performance will take place tonight (7/10) at local NYC venue Cake Shop with Florida outfit The Dark Romantics (TDR MySpace). Besides the above mentioned EP, some additional news I was not expecting was a welcome surprise. Boy/Girl are casually shopping labels for an upcoming full length release. I can't imagine this being a difficult task. Another listen?

MP3: The Shakes


Mr Rossy said...

Yeah, this is pretty good, can defo hear the blues explosion influence, good stuff !!!

Anonymous said...

I saw these guys at 305 South and Ringside in Durham NC and they rocked. While I enjoy the recording seeing them live is an experience.