Friday, February 02, 2007


It seems the indie rock Friday we've been trying to keep afloat lives to see another week...and in a big big way. Today's featured duo are an incredible exercise in both reckless noise rock and minimal needs where bells and whistles are concerned. Plenty of you might make an obvious initial comparison to a certain Jon Spencer project (minus the cheesy ego), just as I first did. That might be a result of them using the same Manhattan practice basement many of Spencer's previous bands and related artists inhabited at one time or another. That likeness quickly faded as the vocals kicked me in the stomach, bringing to ear and mind front man Thomas Squip of legendary mid 1980's D.C. hardcore outfit Beefeater (minus the politics.) The sound is aggressive yet measured and a free-for-all (or two) in a nice loose package. I would absolutely love to see this band live.

Boy/Girl is the Brooklyn, NYC duo of Eric Stiner (guitar/vocals) and Lisa Cusack (drums/things within reach to beat on). From what info I could gather, Lisa is originally from Oslo, Norway but moved here to the states to study at Columbia University. The two met in 2005 and by the end of that year had formed the band you are listening to. To hear more music, your first visit should be to the Boy/Girl MySpace page where you can also find multiple links to buy the band's music. The MySpace videos there don't work (as is usually the case) and I couldn't find a YouTube version (you try searching "boy/girl" on YouTube... I dare you) After that, your next stop should be to the band's new label/distributor Family Business (FB MySpace) which is an offshoot of the much larger Ace Fu Records (Fu MySpace). Finally, there is a Boy/Girl website which only has two links and a pink bunny being stabbed...not really, well yeah really. The next live performance will be held at Brooklyn venue Southpaw on February 15th with many other lablemates for the Family Business Showcase. Great song and quite a way to kick off the weekend ah?

MP3: Feel

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Anonymous said...

Best 2 piece band you have posted so far.

Mark from Ark.