Wednesday, February 14, 2007

MML: Experimental Four

The mp3 files on my desktop have been building up and I have been meaning to feature some of them for quite some time now. I've also been a bit rubbish in posting daily music lately, so I figured it would be a good idea to bring you 4 artists today. You will notice that all 4 of these musical projects have a few things in common. First of all, they are all formidable experimental electronica (with some folk influence) artists. Secondly, the songs are mostly instrumental, and finally (hopefully) you will find the music to be, in each case, an excellent listen. For the past couple of years, my interest in this particular genre of music has grown and I find the following selections especially amazing. Let's get started...


Skytree is the music of Evan Snyder from the outskirts of the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. The song featured today is a part of the most recent 2006 EP release Wilder Forest which is available through Earstroke Records. Evan recently inked a deal with Herb Recordings who will make available a song via compilation and also a full length player for 2007. Check the Skytree MySpace page for more info and music also. This track is really nice and easily makes my own home collection of music faves.

MP3: St. Croix Boomsite


Ass is the music project of Andreas Söderström from Stockholm, Sweden. Alone, he utilizes guitars, his vocals, trumpet, keys, percussion and electronics in a beautiful mix of folk and experimental music. Your first stop will need to be the Ass MySpace page where you can listen to more. The featured song today belongs to their November 2006 Headspin Records self titled release. I have to admit that I found myself staring out of my window into the freezing rain with this song. I love it.

MP3: Don't You Tell A Word

Lymbyc Systym

Lymbyc Systym are the Tempe, Arizona duo of Michael Bell and Jared Bell. They started making this music in 2001 and have since released a few EPs. Todays featured track is part of the brand new 2007 EP titled Love Your Abuser which was released on LA based Mush Records (vinyl LP is available 2/19.) If you visit the Lymbyc Systym MySpace page there is more music and quite a few downloads as well. Everything I've listened to from this duo is total quality. There is also an easy-to-navigate Lymbyc Systym website for additional band information and merch. Visit them often. You won't believe this but there is a part of this song that sounds exactly like an old Afghan Whigs tune!

MP3: Truth Skull


Pluxus is an experimental trio (mostly) from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of current members Adam Kammerland, Anders Ekert and Sebastian Tesch. They have been a noted and popular Scandinavian musical entity since 1995 and have an exceptionally dark November 2006 release titled Solid State. It is supposed to be a product of the band's own Pluxenburg Records label but that link is presently not working. Instead you will need to visit the Pluxenburg MySpace page to contact the band and close friends directly. I'm sure they can cough up a copy if you send them dollars. This is great music and well worth a listen.

MP3: Bootstrap

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