Friday, February 16, 2007


For the past few days, I've been more concerned with my upcoming (next week) trip to London UK and have lost focus in finding new music. Some other unexpected events have elevated my step as well, but it is too early to tell the additional news... Important information forthcoming!! For now, I will continue with a truly good find originally posted by Matt of the music blog Scatterbrain just this past week. I haven't been shopping the neighboring blogs recently, so it was nice to fall for one of the first songs listened to once I did. Today's featured track is an impressive lo-fi debut which was originally one of 22 songs included on a 2006 compilation titled C-06 released via tape by South American music journal Mira El Péndulo. There is also a Mira El Péndulo MySpace page to visit for more bands from that, and future projects. This particular song is wonderfully retro with just the right reverb levels and is yet another amazing music project from Sweden. Actually, what I've heard so far sounds more along the lines of a few all-female Massachusetts bands I can remember from the mid to late 80's... think Homestead label. You might be one step ahead of me there.

is an indie pop band from Göteborg, Sweden consisting of members (first names only) Naemi, Teresa, Renée and Elin. Since there is little additional information I could find in any language, I will just give you the links to visit. First stop should be the Liechtenstein MySpace page for another track from the band's upcoming 3 song 7 inch single which will soon be released on local Göteborg label Fraction Discs. There is also a Fraction Discs MySpace for some other small label Swedish artists to check out. Enjoy this song and have a good weekend. I'll be packing my bags for London. xoxo.

MP3: Stalking Skills


Michelle said...

"I'll be packing my bags for London."

... and meanwhile, London will be packing her bags for you!

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