Sunday, February 18, 2007

East Hundred

Would you believe me If I told you there is a perfect indie pop/rock song awaiting your ears? You really don't have to trust me this time... Just listen and be prepared for an old MML favorite to spark your fancy once again. We originally featured this band last June [read review + download] when the blogosphere was taking early notice of a few of our posts. This band was a favorite then and might receive even more attention with their new material. Today's featured track begins with a light driving guitar pop base that eventually climbs into a wonderfully unsettling series of turns within the chorus. At this point, you might begin to realize human qualities missing from most, if not all, other bands who attempt this type of sound, showcasing crystal clear vocals and straightforward delivery. The chorus eventually releases you gently into an extremely satisfying guitar jangle you may only find in 1 out of 10 (if that) old GBV tracks. When you get a chance to listen to more of this music, you will understand why it gets the MML Highly Recommended seal of approval (ok...there really isn't a seal, we just like this a whole heck of a lot.)

East Hundred
is primarily the trio of Beryl Guceri (vocals, piano, melodica, çok güzelsin), Brooke Blair (guitar, bass, synths) and Will Blair (drums, keyboards, programming) from Philadelphia, PA. Susan Gager (keyboards) and David Sunderland (bass) round out the lineup for the band's live performance regimen. The brand new release Copper Street Performer was recorded at Turtle Studios towards the end of last year and will be available next week. It's not yet clear how you will be able to get your hands on this disk so you will need to visit the East Hundred MySpace page to get updates, add as friends and listen to more new music. There is also an East Hundred website for more music to stream. The official CD release party will take place next Friday February 23 at local Philadelphia establishment North Star Bar. At the same time they are starting to play that night, I will be in a plane leaving the states for London UK and will watch my map to wave hellooo as I fly over the area. Finally, there are two YouTube videos to share from the band. The first one is an electronic press kit (EPK) that is really impressive. I think more bands should do this type of thing.

There is also an in-studio live performance video recorded at WYBF 89.1 to check out.

This is all good stuff that is, again, highly recommended.

MP3: Meantime

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