Friday, February 09, 2007

The Muggabears

Last November we featured a band [read the review + download] that had more people messaging both Michelle and myself than any other feature in any given week of doing this blog. Afterwards, I set that same song as my own personal MySpace page music and the queries continued. Now (or just) when things began to settle a bit, I received a message from one of the band members that there is new soon-to-be released music available. Christmas in February? Today's featured song is one of several lo-fi rock tracks I had the chance to listen to from the band's upcoming March-April 2007 EP to be titled Night Choreography. In many cases, I get antsy at the thought of a sophomore, or even junior release from most any new musician, but this time the listening experience was more than impressive. A true standout once again from The Muggabears.

In case you missed our last visit, The Muggabears are a Brooklyn, New York (by way of Norman, Oklahoma) trio consisting of members Travis Johnson (guitar/vocals), Emily Ambruso (bass) and Kevin Murphy (drums). For a more songs from the upcoming EP Night Choreography check out the Muggabears MySpace page and add as a friend while there.. Another well spent couple of moments can be taken advantage of at the Muggabears website where you will find more detailed info on the band. The sound here doesn't stray far at all from the band's original plan and that is a good thing. What starts out as a heavily Sonic Youth influenced song, suddenly breaks at around the 1:22 mark into what I would consider the true Muggabears sound. The noisy ending is just an added bonus. Just wait until you hear the rest of this thing. Great stuff.

Oh! Almost forgot... here's a YouTube video of the band playing last month at the Mercury Lounge in NYC - the song is called Now I've Got a Sword. Enjoy!

MP3: The Goth Tarts


peteski said...

looking fwd to more!
t h a n k s
I feel like a stalker.

4casey4 said...

Thanks my friend.

Stalking is a very high form of flattery don't ya know. Just ask Michelle (JOKING!!)

This band does rock btw. The other new songs really are good.

Michelle said...

Honestly Casey, how many times...? As the terms of the restraining order make quite clear, I don't find stalking flattering in the least.


And as for the Muggabears... yeah, I love this. Excellent song title, too!

4casey4 said...

I know... How many times do I have to meet with my parole officer and explain that hiding under a baby pool in your backyard is not a way to win that heart of yours.

I'm thinking Muggabears & Sky Drops in Cincinnati come May? That would be the perfect gig.

Our reception on a riverboat?

peteski is invited...

thepsychicpilot said...


4casey4 said...

Once we clear the United States Department of Homeland Security... Cincinnati becomes one resident stronger. More to come!!

Alien Fiance sounds like an 80's metal band don't you think?

Matt, you are on the guest list once we pull this off. The riverboat might magically turn into the courthouse followed by cocktails somewhere close to downtown. We only have 90 days to get it done after she arrives here.

Matthew said...

Wow, that's great news! Let me know if something comes up and you need help, uh... importing the goods. I have a few connections in the DHS & Immigrations. ;)