Friday, November 17, 2006

The Muggabears

I returned home from work yesterday with absolutely no clue what music I was going to post for Indie Rock Friday here on MML and in the MySpace group. I had been listening to The Diggs, who we featured around a year ago, during the day and decided to check their myspace profile when I got settled in with a beer. It only stands to reason that good bands have other good bands on their friends list... right? In this case, it worked out all too well as I'm sure you can already gather. I'll have to admit that the band name originally threw me off since I was probably expecting something more along the lines of Scandinavian twee pop. I couldn't have been more happily wrong in my festinate name association/genre classification and might just have a new favorite band (again) as a result of clicking my mouse despite my reluctance. The musical influences listed by The Muggabears, and that are commonly applied in the reviews I read are of Sonic Youth and Pavement. Of course you can hear both of these influences within their music, but this band takes away something far more important from the music they love. Somewhere between the unpredictable guitar hooks and tension baiting breaks they create is a common understanding that traditional song structure is capable of patiently waiting it's turn... indefinitely. Not many current rock bands have a clue how to make this happen, so I am fairly ecstatic to have found one that can and does.

The Muggabears are an indie rock trio consisting of members Travis Johnson (guitar/vocals), Emily Ambruso (bass) and Kevin Murphy (drums). The band is originally from Norman, Oklahoma but now, in a recent decision to move, call Brooklyn, New York home. They began making music in 2003 and one year later released their DIY debut full length album Kim Berlin which is still available through CD Baby for only $7.98 USD. Today's featured song is from the new 2006 EP Teenage Cop, and I have to say this thing is getting nice big reviews. You can grab it at Insound for $4.98 USD. (note to Michelle: stocking stuffer?) If you would like to listen to more of this good music, visit The Muggabears MySpace Page and for an easier time downloading stuff check out The Muggabears Website. The next performance will be held the day before Thanksgiving at Union Hall November 22 in Brooklyn so if you live close or are headed back home in that direction for the holiday, stop in and see them play live along with The Diggs! You might just thank me by giving me bus fare on the street one day.

MP3: I'm Coming True

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