Friday, November 10, 2006



Alright... I know Fridays are supposed to be reserved for indie rock but in a way this song trumps any raucous "up and comer" I could possibly feature. I don't make a habit of presenting remixed tracks here on the blog or in the MySpace group but in this case a grand exception needs to be made. The song being remixed is one plenty of you are familiar with and probably love. It was originally posted during the first week of our Listening Room's existence last year when there were around 25 members (most of my friends list) on board. Of course by now you probably realize the band is Low from Duluth, Minnesota and the song is Monkey from the band's 2005 Sub Pop release The Great Destroyer. If you've never heard the original version of this song you will need to visit the Low MySpace page to check it out. Today's remix is from Low's April 2006 EP Tonight The Monkeys Die which was also released on Sub Pop featuring various interpretations of the song from some big name artists. The EP also includes an incredible video for Monkey. I found a YouTube version of it for you.

Here's the kicker folks... Bob Mould (yes that Bob Mould!) of Hüsker Dü, Sugar and solo fame is doing the remixing. By numerous accounts, Bob's influential music defined the genre we now refer to as indie/alternative rock... read up on it. Besides various projects, not unlike the song featured here today, he is also currently recording his next full length/full band indie rock release and is a part of the pop duo Blowoff along with Washington DC musician Richard Morel. If you couldn't tell by now, I'm a big fan whose MySpace page might give some indication. Stop by the Bob Mould MySpace page for Blowoff and solo dates as well as Boblog for a good read. I will be apartment hunting today (moving to Cincinnati Jan.1st) so this music will most likely spill into Saturday. Jumpin way to start the weekend ah?

Bob Mould

MP3: Monkey (Bob Mould Remix)

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