Sunday, November 05, 2006


Michelle is catching her flight back to London this evening and I wasn't going to change up the music until Monday. The weekend was spent holed up in my compartment with an endless supply of beer to compliment our true American cuisine and new sport...couch sleeping. I made my way to the computer chair long enough to retrieve the email I sent myself from work on Friday. Whenever I go MP3 blog hopping at work, the good stuff gets linked and sent home for my listening pleasure. Today's featured artist was found at for the Eardrums. It's a really nice blog that showcases plenty of Scandinavian bands. If you visit this blog or our MySpace group with any regularity, you are aware of my penchant for featuring bands from the Nordic regions. This is a great song that might bring to mind an obvious comparison in Death Cab For Cutie but lets be honest. There would be no DCFC if it weren't for the watered down later years of Superchunk (once punks like myself gave up on Mac's delicate crooning.) I choose to cut out the middle man and simply say Superchunk in this (or any) case. Regardless, this band has been around for a while and will be turning heads in no time, given the right exposure.

Eirik Kristensen
, Magnus Auk, Eivind Bøe and Sjur Lyseid make up this indie rock quartet from Oslo, Norway. I am starting to think this city could rival some of the various music scenes I've come across throughout Sweden. I was surprised to find that Monzano is currently unsigned. There are a few more songs on the Monzano MySpace page that I highly recommend you check out. There is also a Norwegian language web page for the band as well as a profile with downloadable songs on the nrk urört website. Enjoy what remains of your weekend and rest up for Monday... Sleep is a wonderful thing and probably the best buzz ever.

MP3: Poster Boy

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