Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Under Byen

The wind is present late at night, there is a slight cold rain and you have spent an entire evening in various empty pubs on the outskirts of any given sketchy downtown area. As you finish your last stop with a stiff drink, you realize you haven't talked to anyone for hours. Fold up your coat collars and prepare to walk home folks... This song starts as soon as the pub door slams behind you. What I just wrote will be my cliche-o-the-day! I hope you enjoyed it or at least had a laugh at my expense. The featured artists today are absolutely dreamy and It's no small wonder they've been blogged about extensively over the past few months. The first comparison that will register for most of you is Björk. I heard it also but lost that thought after around the 2 minute mark with this track. I tried to keep a straight face while typing that but am obviously lying. The band lists her (Björk) as a major influence and It's definitely a strong one. I will say, however, that some of the other songs I heard are markedly different in vocal styling. Ok, I'm not being honest again. Anyway, since I am instantly drawn to female vocal fitness, I was smitten with this incredible band as well as the founding front-woman right away. I'll leave it at that.

Under Byen
is an 8 piece outfit from Århus, Denmark. Current members include founder Henriette Sennenvaldt (vocals), Sara Saxild (bass), Thorbjørn Krogshede (piano), Nils Gröndahl (violin/saw), Morten Svenstrup (cello), Morten Larsen (drums), Stine Sørensen (drums), and Anders Stochholm (band doctor). They formed in 1995 and if you visit the Under Byen website you will find that they have plenty of full length, single and remix releases. The most recent CD is titled Samme Stof som Stof (same fabric as fabric) and was released on Danish label Morningside Records on May 8th of this year. This same CD came out just last month on September 29th through Toronto, Canada's Paper Bag Records for all of us here in North America. For more information and music there is the Under Byen MySpace as well as a really good fan website maintained by Lars Dideriksen. Oh, I'm not done yet. The band is currently in the middle of a limited world tour which finds them in Berlin, Germany tonight playing the Silver Wings venue. Finally, a well done YouTube video of this very song is available for you (go look, go look).

This gets very high recommendations from MML.

MP3: Af Samme Stof Som Stof

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