Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Am Bones

UPDATED 11/24 with bonus MP3.

Well... It's Thanksgiving Day in the US and most people here will sit down for a big supper with parents, siblings, cousins and those chosen to enter any given family dysfunction without a prayer of survival. Falling asleep with a full stomach watching meaningless televised sporting events with those poor souls is a wonderful thing. It's a day to celebrate Europe's brilliant exile of thousands o' religious extremists, on poorly crafted boats, to explore and conquer vast western lands and the brown people who inhabited them. In case you didn't wonder, I am nearly full blooded Croatan/Lumbee Indian and love to poke fun at our tragedy. Today's featured artist is yet another product of blog hopping in the early morning. I ended up on 3hive this time and found this band halfway down the page. The only comparison I will make is that of Built To Spill in minor parts of just about every track I listened to. The lyrics here are perfect for Thanksgiving and the song might just be another personal favorite.

I Am Bones
is the music of Johannes Gammelby from Århus, Denmark. He started making DIY bedroom music in 2001 and has since enlisted the assistance of several regional musicians to complete recordings and live performance schedule. The song you are listening to is actually a demo that is available only on the I Am Bones Website. There are plenty of other songs there to download as well as the finished version of this track. "Building Hospitals" is from the full length Oct. 2005 release Wrong Numbers Are Never Busy which is available through Danish label Morningside Records. If you visit the I Am Bones MySpace Page there are more songs and an opportunity to make a new myspazz friend. Finally, I also found a YouTube video of the song Walk Don't Run from the band's 2004 self-released If You Really Love Me, Send Me More Medical Supplies. Great album title ah?

Update: Turkey Day is over and the food coma still has me slumbering around in zombie mode. Since yesterday's feature was a late post, I thought it might be a good idea to put up another really good song by I Am Bones to give you a better idea of how good this band actually is. I'm on the road today en route to check out the new office in Cincinnati but will return in time to update the music for Saturday. Up next is an experimental Austrian duo that remind me quite a bit of Xiu Xiu. Stay tuned.

"I'll hook you up... with alcohol and valiummmmm"

MP3: Building Hospitals (demo)
Bonus MP3: The Ostrich Approach

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